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MacroDigest delivers trending economic analysis, news and debate. No noise, only the essential.

"A surprisingly good aggregator." Brad DeLong, Grasping Reality

"I not only visit the site every day (or more), I use it every day, and there are no more than half a dozen aggregator sites where I would say that." Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution

MacroDigest is a product of Ensembl.ai, a software technology company bringing together the world's news to enable readers consume, learn and engage with it. With the right mix of machine learning and crowd intelligence, we're able to eliminate single source bias and enable readers to better recognize what is important.

Ensembl is currently building and testing technology with MacroDigest, but plans on offering new news segments soon. We will be incorporating new technologies to further realise our vision of a community where people consume the world's news and are economically incentivised to contribute value, and are compensated when 3rd parties access their data to show them advertisements.

How MacroDigest works right now

MacroDigest uses machine learning to aggregate information from across the web into clusters which allow you to see diverse perspectives without having to visit each individual publisher to get the full story. By complementing the machine learning with swarm intelligence, users evolve the algorithms overtime and determine the ranking of content on the website.

When you up-vote a news, you’re teaching our algorithm that the content is related to crypto-finance. When you click the flag in the bottom left, the algorithms learns that it displayed unrelated content.

Our algorithms are working well right now, but we want them to be experts at spotting the latest crypto news out there.

  • so please keep flagging and voting!

If you have questions, comments, or would like to stay up to date with our development, follow us on Twitter @Macro_Digest, send an email to hello@ensembl.ai or send us a message using the form below.

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