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Demand, Supply, and what is new after 2008
Robert Waldmann / Angry Bear
An alterative title might be my usual comment reminding Krugman's readers of the history of Krugman wrote a very clear even better than usual post summarizing how his views on macroeconomics have changed since 2008. It is best to click the link, but the one sentence summary is that he ...
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Paul Krugman - Blog
Hicks good, Friedman/Phelps not so much.
"If China Killed Commodity Super Cycle, Fed Is About to Bury It"
Climateer Investing
All you have to do in investing is be on the right side of the big trends a couple times in your life. We've tried to help. Now it's getting close to the time to move on. From Bloomberg: For commodities, it's like the 21st century never happened. The last ...
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Marc to Market
Anticipating a yawning divergence of monetary policy between the world's largest central banks, market participants continued to drive the dollar higher over the past week. In fact, the greenback appreciated against all the major and emerging market currencies except the Malaysian ringgit and South Korean won. Next week is one ...
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Harvard Law School Forum
On November 13th, the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) finalized liquidity reporting requirements for large US financial institutions and US operations of foreign banks (FBOs). [1] The requirements were proposed last year and are intended to improve the FRB's monitoring of the liquidity profiles of firms that are subject to the ...
Russia announces Turkey sanctions
Russia announces a package of economic sanctions against Turkey over the shooting down of a Russian jet on the Syrian border on Tuesday.
Osborne has opted to put the economy on a riskier path
Liam Halligan / Telegraph
The Chancellor is now set to borrow more over the course of his parliament than predicted back in July
Interview: Sir Richard Lambert on Economics and the EU Referendum
Anna Wilson / New Federalist
With the majority of the UK's IN campaign arguing the economic benefits of EU membership, we ask renowned British economist, Sir Richard Lambert whether the country's finances really are as important as campaigners would have us believe. - Opinion / United Kingdom, Referendum, economics, Interviews
Related: Germany's Energy Revolution
Barry Ritholtz / The Big Picture
Almost half of Germany's energy currently comes from coal. By 2050, the country hopes to get 80 per cent of its energy from renewable sources. This expertly shot short film from National Geographic offers a vision of Germany's energy transition, and perhaps, the future of energy worldwide.
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The National
Europe’s banks are ensnared in a loop as they try to shake off the debilitating effects of the 2008 financial crisis. But the hefty fines and expensive new regulations mean that next year, like the Tom Cruise movie, is likely to be a rerun.
Econ 101 and data (reply to David Henderson)
Noah Smith / Not Quite Noahpinion
I wrote a post for Bloomberg View about how Econ 101 needs more empirics (a favorite hobbyhorse of mine). They titled it "Most of What You Learned in Econ 101 is Wrong", which was a catchy but inaccurate title, since the word "wrong" is often unhelpful in describing scientific theories. ...
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John Whitehead / Environmental Economics
Greg Mankiw: Noah Smith takes the standard course to task. David Henderson says, not so fast. via The title to this post (without the question mark) is the assertion made by Noah Smith last week. He laments the fact that principles of microeconomics courses might overstate some of the...
The China Factor | Part III: Chinese Cash Floods U.S. Real Estate Market
Some of the Chinese money pouring into the global economy has gone into residential property, in major American cities and places like Corinth, Tex.
Reply to PK: Financial frictions pushed against deflation
Tony Yates / longandvariable
Here Paul Krugman muses on how well standard macro models did at predicting the after-effects of the crisis. He highlights how the prediction that the expansion of central bank balance sheets would NOT lead to runaway inflation was encoded in ... Continue reading →
Japan expected to reach deal with India on defense-related equipment exports
Japan Times
Japan and India are likely to reach a broad defense accord next month that is seen as a step toward exporting Japanese-made amphibious aircraft, government sources said Saturday. An accord on the transfer of military equipment and technology is expected to be sealed when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits India ...
Related: Japan eyes greater government role in nuclear fuel recycling
Japan Times
The industry ministry has mapped out revisions for the spent nuclear fuel recycling program that call for stronger government involvement to ensure stable management of the troubled program, it was learned Saturday. According to the outline, a new organization sanctioned and supervised by the government will entrust the reprocessing of ...
Iran reveals new oil and gas framework
More flexible terms on price fluctuations and investment risks to lure foreign energy companies
Related: Can The Oil Industry Really Handle This Much Debt?
Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge
Submitted by Ekaterina Pokrovskaya via, As the crude industry has been wrestling with low oil prices that declined by over 50 percent since its highest close at $107 a barrel in 2014, many exploration and production companies worldwide and in the U.S., in particular, have faced large shortfalls in ...
Related: Fossil Fuel Firms Need To Future-Proof Their Business Strategies, Think-tank Warns
Mike Scott, Contributor / Forbes
Fossil fuel firms risk wasting $2 trillion in the next 10 years on economically unsustainable projects if they continue on their current strategies, a new report has warned. Released just days before the UN climate conference in Paris that is expected to deliver a global deal for all countries to ...
NYSE Boots National Bank of Greece
Paul Ausick / 24/7 Wall St.
The New York Stock Exchange announced on Friday that it has commenced proceedings to delist the American Depositary Shares (ADRs) of the National Bank of Greece SA (NYSE: NBG). Friday was the last... NBG 247paul Wall Street/NYSE NBG
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World Climate Talks Begin Monday, But Will Commitments Make Any Difference?
With hopes as high as the security level on the streets of Paris in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks, world leaders planned to convene Monday near the French capital to discuss pledges from nearly 200 countries to reduce carbon emissions. They're expected to iron out core differences ...
Related: In global fight to slow climate change, Hong Kong is proving to be a laggard
South China Morning Post
This week, delegates representing countries from all over the world will convene in Paris to decide whether we will head towards a low-carbon future. The goal is to reach a legally binding pact to limit warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.
Why the Economic Fates of America's Cities Diverged
Phillip Longman / The Atlantic
Places like St. Louis and New York City were once similarly prosperous. Then, 30 years ago, the United States turned its back on the policies that had been encouraging parity.
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Demand, Supply, and what is new after 2008
Angry Bear
Reply to PK: Financial frictions pushed against deflation
Demand, Supply, and Macroeconomic Models
Paul Krugman - Blog
Econ 101 and data (reply to David Henderson)
Not Quite Noahpinion
Why the Economic Fates of America's Cities Diverged
The Atlantic
NYSE Boots National Bank of Greece
24/7 Wall St.
Iran reveals new oil and gas framework
Japan expected to reach deal with India on defense-related equipment exports
Japan Times
Russia announces Turkey sanctions
World Climate Talks Begin Monday, But Will Commitments Make Any Difference?
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